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If you can make a certain action safer and more efficient, then why not do it? That’s the situation with back up cameras; they help us park better, backup safer, and also keep us from causing any damage or injury to someone walking behind.

Installing a rear camera on the Silverado can take you anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes and is moderately difficult. This modification should only be attempted by those comfortable with electrical wiring and altering of the vehicle. The cost of the supplies needed range from almost three hundred to four-hundred dollars due to different camera models.

The supplies you’ll need are: a back-up camera kit, ratchet wrench, 13 millimeter socket, 29 millimeter drill bit, electric drill, a Phillips screwdriver and corrosion prevention lube.

Step 1 – Prep the Tailgate

Your new back up camera kit should come with a new tailgate handle bezel that includes the back up camera, but in order to install it you must remove the stock bezel.

Start by using the ratchet wrench or drill with the 13mm socket to remove the top bolt on the back of the tailgate handle.

Pop out the bezel.
Then unsnap the tailgate and set it down on a work bench or flat area.
Take a look at the schematic provided in the kit to see where you will be drilling. Drill the 29mm hole for the wiring on the spot marked with the GM logo.

Step 2 – Run the Wiring

Run the wiring through the hole from where the bezel was, to the new drilled hole in the tailgate.
Make sure to pull both grommets through the drilled hole.
Take a bit of corrosion preventer lube and run it along the hole you drilled to prevent rust from forming.
Then push the grommet until it is securely in place.
Take the new camera ready tailgate bezel and snap it into place.

You will now need to drill a secondary hole into the truck bed where the cable from the tailgate will feed into.
Put the tailgate back on and run the wiring into the truck through the second hole. Then install the top bolt back into the tailgate door.
For his next part you’ll have to get low to the ground: Route the harness through the rear of the vehicle through the body to the hood area. Do not run it through where it will be touching any moving parts. Tuck the excess wire up into the fender well.

Step 3 – Provide the Power

Drill a hole from the engine bay to route the wire into the cabin.
Remove the kick panel plate and floor mat. Drill a hole so that the harness can be run into the vehicle through the kick panel.
Gain access to the junction panel by removing the fuse cover door. Grab a hold and use moderate force. It will snap right off.
Remove the knee bolster panel by taking out the two Phillips screws. Followed by removing a 10 millimeter bolt, which is going to disconnect the parking brake release lever.

Gain access to the junction box cover by just un-snapping it. Set it to the side for now.
Drill the hole for the harness here, like shown.
Now a hole will have to be drilled next to the brake master cylinder. Move any harnesses out of the way to avoid potential damage.
Now take the connector and run it right through the newly drilled hole in the engine bay.
Connect the black ground wire to the ground bolt on the knee bolster area. Remove the yellow cap to expose the backing to make the connection to.
The two supplied pins will go right into the fuse box to provide reverse and ignition controlled power.

Use the provided diagram in the kit to connect the pins to the right fuse connectors.

Step 4 – Connect to the Monitor

Take the video harness for the rear view mirror and run it up the A pillar to the mirror. You’ll need to remove a 7mm bolt here on the A pillar first in order to remove it.
With the mirror cable routed, now remove the stock mirror from the vehicle. If the mirror needs to have a screw removed from the back of it, it will require a Phillips screwdriver.
Disconnect the harness that is on the back of the mirror to completely free it from the mount.
Now slide the new mirror on and get camera harness plugged in. Tuck any loose cables into the headliner before pushing it back in firmly.

Now test the system by starting the truck and putting it into reverse.

Enjoy the added safety of knowing exactly what is behind your Silverado thanks to your new camera.


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