Future cars - Top 5 Autonomous Self Driving Pods Amazing Technology | Truck Pods| Future Small car ✅

Pod cars – Top 5 Autonomous Self Driving Pods Amazing Technology | Truck Pods

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+ Vw Sedric
This is Sedric, Volkswagen’s newest concept for the future of autonomous driving. Sedric (as in self-driving car, get it?) is fully autonomous, meaning it has no steering wheel or pedals, and it can be summoned at the push of a button for ride-hailing trips, a la Uber and Lyft.
+ Next
Next is an advanced smart transportation system based on swarms of modular self-driving vehicles, designed in Italy. Each module can join and detach with other modules on standard city roads.When joined, they create an open, bus-like area among modules, allowing passengers to stand and walk from one module to another.

+ Tpod
The vehicle—which founders call a “T-pod”—is the first truck to be designed to never have a human inside. The driverless design makes it possible, the startup says, to run fully on electric power in a way that can compete with diesel semis on the road today.
On October 2016, the Transport Systems Catapult was responsible for putting a self-driving vehicle on UK public streets for the first time. The demonstration of a UK developed autonomous driving system marked the conclusion of the LUTZ Pathfinder Project, which began developing autonomous technology in 2014.
Zukünftige Autos – Top 5 autonome selbstfahrende Pods Amazing Technology | Truck Pods | Zukunft Kleinwagen ✅ germany

未来の車 – トップ5自律自己運転驚くべき技術|トラックポッド|未来の小型車
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