2017 Ford Cargo 1848T Euro 6 4×2 Tractor Truck seen from outside and inside in 3D. Heard is also the exhaust sound of the machine. The vehicle has 12.7 liter, (12740 ccm), Ecotorq Euro 6 engine, 353 kW (480 hp) at 1800 rpm. Max torque 2500 Nm at 1000-1200 rpm. Bore*stroke 130×160 mm. Compression 17+/- 0.5:1. Oil in the engine 50 liters. Cooling liquid 37 liters (57 liters with intarder). Wheel formula 4×2. Cab with extra high roof and two beds. Wheelbase 3600 mm. Transmission is 12-gear 430 mm single disc, automatic ZF 12 TX. Transmission number (1-12th gear) 2620 (16.688-1). Steering ruler Hitachi. Width of chassis profiles in carriage 960 mm 10 mm. Width of chassis profiles in all other heights 8 mm, strengthened profile. Chassis sturdiness 500 MPa. Front suspension 90 mm parabolic leaf shock absorbers. Rear suspension pneumatic. Axes – single transmission. Transmission number in carriage height 1200 mm 2.64. Transmission number in carriage height 900 mm and 1100 mm – 2.47 Tires with carriage height 1200 mm – 295/80 R 22.5. Tires with carriage height 1200 mm – 315/70 R 22.5. Tires with carriage height 960 mm – Front / Rear 315/60 R 22.5 / 295/60 R 22.5. Steel alloy wheels 22.5 x 9. Brakes 430×45 – front and rear. Brake system two-circle brake system. Pneumatic block with built-in oil separator and heater. Max power of motor brake 340 kW (in the engine). Max power of intarder 600 kW (160 kW during long exploitation). Battery is 24V 2×12 V 225 Ah. Alternator/Starter 130 A/6.5 kW. Fuel tank is 600 liters, aluminium. Ad Blue tank is 76 liters. Carriage is 1200 mm. Front overhang 1485 mm. Length 6039 mm. Cab length 2305 mm. Cab height 3950 mm (cab with extra high roof) 3104 mm (cab with low roof). Width 2540 mm without side mirrors. Chassis width 866 mm. Rear overhang 954 mm. Front chassis height 225 mm. Rear chassis height 285 mm. Front clearance 292 mm. Rear clearance 246 mm. Turn radius 7500 mm. Max weight 1st axis 7100 kg, 2nd axis 12600 kg, total 18000 kg. Vehicle weight 1st axis 5455 kg, 2nd axis 2346 kg, total 7723 kg. Cargo weight 1st axis 1645 kg, 2nd axis 10254 kg, total 10277 kg.Total weight 1st axis 7100 kg, 2nd axis 11500 kg, total 18000 kg.

The truck was presented at Truck Expo 2017, Lesnovo, Bulgaria, June 1-3 2017.

If you don’t have equipment for watching 3D videos, simply turn off the 3D with the 3D icon on the bottom right of the video. Watching this video on mobile device will give you two side by side pictures.

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