Fail. Amazing Truck Driver Skills: Easy How to Park a Big Rig. MUST SEE!!! Brampton-Style! @;{#=~

My new friend of the road the “Truck Maghkhule” gave me his instructional vid to play in my 0TruckMafk account. Here he explains the most efficient way for a professional driver to park so you can go for a quick break instead of taking forever to back up, he shows you the simple parking procedure so when it comes time for the end of your day, you aren’t that last guy in the truck stop taking forever to back your rig into a tight spot while everyone watches you and mocks you over the radio. this one is great for the rookie drivers too!
ps: ffs. Look. To my Sikh buds, Did Osama Bin Laden, The Saudi Radical Muslim wear a Turban or not? Thank you.


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