Deserted Acura NSX | Hong Kong’s Wonderful Uncared for Automobiles – Half three

Abandoned Acura NSX | Hong Kong's Amazing Neglected Cars - Part 3

From a Porsche 928 to an Acura NSX, you’ll never believe what hidden gems Hong Kong has tucked away!

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40 Comments to Deserted Acura NSX | Hong Kong’s Wonderful Uncared for Automobiles – Half three

  1. Jalopnik says:

    Check out parts 1 and 2 here:

  2. Where's the porsche from the thumbnail?

  3. Paddy C says:

    Nsx has been my dream car since I was a kid and to see some of them lying In junk yards is heartbreaking

  4. Some of those cars are not abandoned they are for SALE

  5. Get away vehicles. You'd be dumb to stick around with it if you did get away

  6. They are just metal plastic and, sometimes, glass. The design is only worth anything through the minds and understanding of people. The car itself is only worth what you feel its worth

  7. obvi•US says:

    good eye! I own two NSX's and i kinda doubt i woulda recognized that…

  8. JOE Z says:

    what monsters did this

  9. Ty Hender says:

    Best believe if it was me I'd he trying my hardest to take a few of these cars back with me

  10. Robert Coury says:

    They were abandoned bc they were automatic

  11. 😣😣😣😭😭😭😭😟😟😟

  12. kim min says:

    this video is sorta trash. I had high expectations and i was let down tremendously

  13. Just so much sadness in this video. What has the world come to!?

  14. nads mcgee says:

    WTF? Why would you write in the description that there's an abandoned nsx when the car has been stripped and it's just a shell?
    Either admit it was a click bait or you don't know what an abandoned car means?

  15. Hong Kong now received hate from car enthusiast

  16. Mimic 81 says:

    dude you have to understand those cars had there days but now a days they are trash bro get some cash and buy one and have it shipped over to the states

  17. Borrow some Mexicans and let them run amok for a few hours, they will steal and tear apart the cars to sell them as scrap in a blink. Then you throw them back to their cesspool extraordinarily cultural rich land. Problem solved with unsightly abandoned cars and they go back to the recycling and you don have to pay almost anything!

  18. Pia Lacson says:

    you forgot the miata…

  19. Mazen Ahmed says:

    i had a mitsu galant. very peppy motor…shitty brakes though

  20. That's what I would act like..if they were computer parts.

  21. Kev S says:

    3:38 I cried when I saw that s15 silvia

  22. SURENITY ! says:

    THE R34 😥😥😥

  23. Many cars left behind.. 🙁
    I wish someone would save them.

  24. Marcus Trust says:

    breaks my heart to see cars left to rot like that.

  25. Flowcaine says:

    i can't watch this, it's too sad.

  26. drake6143 says:

    Ain't nothing "Abandoned" guys, someone owns every one of those and they are probably broken beyond reasonable repair (like horrible, horribly broken).

  27. Sloppy Joe says:

    I’m fucking crying right now

  28. Rohan Patel says:

    Take thoes cars, that abondpnes styll

  29. JV says:

    i would buy that frame

  30. Matt Eller says:

    No different then the U.S. having muscle cars laying around rotting away those cars are not that rare to them.

  31. JDMlatino says:

    3:30 NFS Payback abandoned cars be like

  32. Magi karp says:


  33. This is heart breaking😭

  34. Dust Striker says:

    What happens if you steal one of those abandoned cars?

  35. Gabe Daily says:

    disliked, he said jimeny christmas

  36. Leo Sung says:

    You're in an asian country calling these ASIAN cars rare wtf? lol

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