Deserted Acura NSX | Hong Kong’s Wonderful Uncared for Automobiles – Half three

From a Porsche 928 to an Acura NSX, you’ll never believe what hidden gems Hong Kong has tucked away!

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the best exotic car videos- Abandoned Acura NSX | Hong Kong’s Amazing Neglected Cars – Part 3 #exotic #cars #video #youtube

40 Replies to “Deserted Acura NSX | Hong Kong’s Wonderful Uncared for Automobiles – Half three”

  1. They are just metal plastic and, sometimes, glass. The design is only worth anything through the minds and understanding of people. The car itself is only worth what you feel its worth

  2. WTF? Why would you write in the description that there's an abandoned nsx when the car has been stripped and it's just a shell?
    Either admit it was a click bait or you don't know what an abandoned car means?

  3. dude you have to understand those cars had there days but now a days they are trash bro get some cash and buy one and have it shipped over to the states

  4. Borrow some Mexicans and let them run amok for a few hours, they will steal and tear apart the cars to sell them as scrap in a blink. Then you throw them back to their cesspool extraordinarily cultural rich land. Problem solved with unsightly abandoned cars and they go back to the recycling and you don have to pay almost anything!

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