Cyclist’s death sparks road safety debate

Coun. Joe Cressy is calling for speed limits to be lowered across the city in the wake of another cyclist fatality.


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17 Replies to “Cyclist’s death sparks road safety debate”

  1. This is what happens when cyclists think they own the road everytime I come close to hitting a bicyclist they're in the wrong not me so I stopped caring it sounds cold but it is what it is

  2. It's the cars and trucks out there that take lives not the bicycles. If a cyclist makes a mistake there is no one to blame but that cyclist himself or herself but when a motorist makes a mistake there is no price to pay greater than the life they take. In addition motorcyclists are at the same risk if not a greater risk to losing their lives to cars and trucks.

  3. Yesterday… driving in downtown Toronto during rush time, not ONE cyclist followed any traffic laws. They zigzagged, ran red lights, drove on sidewalks, went into oncoming lane, all while riding with headphones in their ears. Now imagine I did that while driving… what the city needs to do is enforce traffic laws upon bicyclists! CYCLIST, SAME RULES APPLY AS ANY OTHER VEHICLE.

  4. Want safer streets? Raise speed limits 20 KpH per year for 3 or 4 years. Adjust speed limits on a street by street, direction by direction basis, perhaps using in street sensors and computer controlled variable electronic speed signs and traffic sensitive intersection lights to maximize traffic throughput. This will reduce travel time and help drivers be more attentive and less bored. Higher speeds will also make pedestrians and cyclists pay more attention, too. Hold pedestrians and cyclists responsible for their own safety. Downtown, separate light sequences into road lights and sidewalk lights. Traffic goes east-west, then traffic goes north south, then pedestrians can cross in any direction, after that pedestrians are off the road as the cycle repeats. This would make vehicles' turns easier and safer, improving traffic flow.
    Eliminate streetcars. They can't go around problems. Buses are a better option and subways better still as they are below the weather and other traffic. The city should have a 100 year plan laying out where subway lines should be, along with stations. Any time developers want to put up a high-rise on one of the lines, they should be required to rough in the station during construction. The city should be required to build 5 Km of subway every year.
    All levels of government should be required to segregate the gas tax from general revenue and use it only for roads and transit as used to be the case.

  5. I don't like the tone of his speech. This should not be about cars vs cyclists. We all want to use the roads to get from A to B as safely, quickly and comfortably as possible. Drivers and cyclists need to work together, not against each other.

  6. Well what do know, not more than day later after making my previous comment a 50 year old motorcyclist was struck by a blue Hyundai which then fled the scene. Need I f£€% ¥₩£ say more ?

  7. All drivers in Toronto don't follow or respect traffic laws and they will laugh at you if you follow the speed limits and stop at red traffic lights it's the drivers in Toronto to blame because they are aggressive and horrible drivers.

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