Baby Time - Police car and truck toys outdoor

Baby Time – Police car and truck toys outdoor is a kid video about car toys, police car and truck toys outdoor. today, we play with a police car and some truck toys outdoor.
we often upload videos to Baby Time channel with many topics:
– Unboxing: unbox new kid toys, new playset, new car toys, new truck toys, new animal toys…
– Washing: wash car toys, wash truck toys, wash kid toys
– Playing: play kid toys, super men, doll, plane, helicopter, trucks and cars, monster, motorbike, tractor, fire truck, police car, train, vehicles…
– How to: we learn how to assemble kid toys, car toys, truck toys; learn how to build…
– Truck toys: we have a lot of truck toys: excavator, bulldozer, forklift, dump truck, tow truck, crane…we play with the trucks
– Car toys: we have a lot of car toys: police car, big car, small car, racing car…they are nice and cute.
– Learning: learn sizes, learn colors, learn counting, learn shapes…
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Baby Time!


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