Personal Injury Lawyers in Elkhart Indiana – Chester Law Firm – Attorney’s at Law At Chester Law Office, our philosophy is simple: we help accident victims receive fair and reasonable compensation from the responsible party. Usually that party is an insurance company. For more than 25 years, our practice has focused on helping people in the Elkhart County area obtain fair compensation from insurance companies. Find out why our clients rave about us at 574-296-1515!

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We are a personalized law firm that strives to give you the individual attention you and your case deserve. We treat each of our clients with fairness and respect, and believe that communication is the key to maintaining a good attorney-client relationship.

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About Brigham Cluff Serious Injury Lawyer Phoenix AZ Learn more about Serious and Personal Inury Lawyer Brigham Cluff.

Start Transcription:
My name is Brigham Cluff. I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t planning on being a lawyer.
I grew up here in Arizona. In fact, I was thinking about this just the other day. I think that I am a fifth-generation Arizonan. Just about the only people that have been here longer than my family maybe are Native Americans. I think if you’ve been here more than 10 years you’re considered a native so. We got that be considerably.
Grew up here in Arizona, went to Gilbert high school. Then I went off to college at BYU where I got my undergraduate degree. I later went to Arizona State University College of Law, graduated from there in 2001. I have been practicing law here in Arizona ever since.
My career has involved in the early part of my career lots of commercial litigation and also a fair amount of transactional work as well. Quite a bit of real estate, business disputes, business formations, documenting, various types of commercial transactions.
Over the last several years my practice has geared more towards serious personal injury and wrongful death litigation, and that is the type of law practice that really I grew up around because my father did that kind of legal work while I was a growing up and I was working at his firm. I was analyzing personal injury and wrongful death cases probably since about the age of seven, being a sounding board and just listening to what was going on around the office.
My firm now is Cluff & Cluff. I’ve partnered with my father David Cluff and he has for his entire career done high end personal injury and wrongful death litigation with a particular focus in medical malpractice. He’s obtained some outstanding results in that area of law.
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Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Provides Legal Answers about Workplace Injuries

John Kelly is a personal injury attorney in Phoenix, Arizona and in this Google Hangout he answers online questions about workplace injuries. For more information on workplace injuries in Phoenix visit If you have been hurt on the job and are considering a lawsuit, you may post your question to the comments section below. Alternatively, you may request a free consultation with John by calling 602-283-4122.

1. I was hurt on the job. What are the considerations I need to make prior to contacting an attorney and what is the process I will go through in order to receive compensation? 0:32

2. Does the law protect me from being fired if I file a claim on my employer? 2:23

3. If I sue my company, will this be a matter of public record? I’m concerned about having a difficult time finding a job if I move forward with a lawsuit. 3:38

If you have been injured at work, please feel free to contact our offices to determine what options are available to you. Consultations are free.

Kelly Law Team
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Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney

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Personal Injury Lawyers in Greenville, SC | Carolina Law Group

If you’ve been hurt, it is not your fault, and you need help, The Carolina Law Group is here for you. Our clients are our first priority. Our team of attorneys, along with an experienced staff, understand how important an experienced and persistent attorney can be when it comes to seeking full and fair compensation. Just as importantly, we’re not afraid to go up against major employers and insurance companies to obtain the compensation you are entitled to when you have been hurt on the job or as a result of another’s negligent or careless acts.


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Do I Need to Hire a Lawyer for My Car Accident Right Away? – Hiram Accident Lawyer GA

Hiram Georgia Car Accident Attorney


DO YOU NEED A LAWYER RIGHT AWAY? OR DO YOU HAVE TIME TO DO SOME RESEARCH? – Get the answer in the video above (don’t worry, it’s fairly short)

You’ve been in an accident, and now you have injuries. This may be your first accident, and you are unsure about what to do, especially on whether or not to get a lawyer. You may not even get a chance to research into what kind of lawyer to get, and already you have lawyers approaching you (THAT, BY THE WAY, IS ILLEGAL!). The only ethical way a lawyer should be speaking to you about your case is if you somehow contacted them first.

There are other ways to research an attorney, and since we have access to limitless information over the internet, you can actually check out an attorney before you meet him in person. Watch some of his videos, read some of the testimonials. Is that attorney nice? Trustworthy? Down to earth? Do they explain difficult legal information in a way you can understand? Do other people like him?

Then, go ahead and get your free consultation. What could it hurt? A consultation can be very informative, even if you don’t hire the lawyer. But, after watch this next video, you may want to considering hiring an attorney simply for the benefits. VIDEO:

Law Office: 44 Darby’s Crossing Drive, Suite 106B, Hiram, GA 30141 (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY)

Transcript: After an accident, when do you need to get a lawyer? Well some folks in Hiram, Georgia send me these questions, and one question we get a lot is, “when do I need to get a lawyer?” Some lawyers say “Hire me right away!” In fact, before you even contact a lawyer, some law offices send ‘runners’ to the hospital, or to your home, to try to get you to sign up. Not only is that ILLEGAL, you don’t have the time to research a lawyer, that might be the right lawyer for your case. Not every lawyer is suited for personal injury. My recommendation is: To get medical help. Get your injuries documented. Keep good records of your expenses. Take pictures of your injuries. Once you’ve gotten the medical care started, you can look for a good personal injury attorney that has good reviews, a high success rate, and offers a great deal of free information to the public. You may be wondering what benefits there are to hiring a lawyer for the personal injury portion of your case. Watch this next video to learn more!

Please be advised that this video is not legal advice. I’m not your lawyer until you and I enter a written agreement for me to be your lawyer. I know the arguments the insurance company will make – and so should you – even before you file your claim. I can offer suggestions and identify traps, but please do not construe anything in this video to be legal advice about your case, as each case is different and an attorney can only give you quality legal advice when he or she understands the facts involved in your case.


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bus accident attorney 2016


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The Best Accident Solicitors In Hull | Hull Accident & Personal Injury Solicitors
Dial 0843 289 3021
The Best Accident Solicitors In Hull
The Best Accident Solicitors In Hull | Hull Accident & Personal Injury Solicitors
Hull, HU1 2AA
There are many different types of accidents and equally many different types of injuries that people suffer. The amount of personal injury compensation awarded depends on the extent of the injury and the financial losses involved. Compensation is awarded for pain, suffering and your inability to do things after your accident that you could do before. The award is made based upon medical evidence, normally specialist reports, of the injuries suffered. The amount of compensation takes account of how your injuries or disease affect you now and how they might affect you in the future. Accident compensation is also paid to cover financial losses suffered as a result of the accident. The aim of this type of compensation is to put you back in a position, financially, as if the accident had never occurred. You should keep receipts and invoices for any expenses
associated with your accident, e.g. for prescriptions and the cost of travelling to hospital.
Accident compensation will cover any loss of earnings since the accident and any future loss of earnings. In more serious cases personal injury compensation will extend to alterations to property or vehicles and on-going care costs, including those provided by the family. Additional damages will be awarded where the case involves a fatality. These will be for funeral expenses and compensation to any living relatives, who were dependent on the deceased for their income and time . By telephoning us, you will find a general guide to the levels of compensation for various injuries. we can only give guideline figures as each and every injury is different and cases are assessed on the evidence obtained.

Types of Accident Claims
– Road Traffic Accidents
– Claims for pedestrians
– Bicycle accidents
– Claims against uninsured drivers
– Trips and slips including
On the pavement
In a shop or supermarket
In a public place
Accidents on land owned by others
– Industrial Disease Claims including:
Occupational Asthma
Asbestos related illness
Occupational deafness
– Accidents at work and in factories
– Traumatic and surgical amputation
– Traumatic & Surgical amputation


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Tennessee Truck Accident Lawyers | NST Law

NST Law has significant experience handling cases involving trucking accident. Call Now 1-800-529-4004 to find out if you have a case. Visit us at

We have offices in Memphis TN, Jackson TN, Knoxville TN, Jackson MS, and Jonesboro AR.

Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, PLC
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Memphis, TN 38117
Phone: 901-683-7000

Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, PLC
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Phone: 865-684-1000

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Phone: 731-427-5550

Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, PLLC
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Phone: 662-840-9222

Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, PLLC
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Phone: 601-362-5222

Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz, PLC
922 S Main St
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Phone: 870-931-0500


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