Carolyns RV Life Will get A Sponsor, Residing Free Mike Is Again

Carolyn’s RV Life and other YouTubers talk up an online therapy service. Living Free Mike returns after a break with a tour of the Mall Of America. Tough times for Caravan Carolyn. When In Rome Travels and Element Van Life spruce up their rigs for more travel…..

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20 Replies to “Carolyns RV Life Will get A Sponsor, Residing Free Mike Is Again”

  1. Hi uncle Dave I must ask doing the full time rving live must cause you to be depressed and suicidal or what lol I say buy a bottle of jd and wash the shit away and get on with life. ( kev )

  2. Are these people getting a kick back from this? If so …… really
    The last few times I've watch her,. It's a shame when you don't even take the time to comb your hair for your videos. Looking more like a bag lady.

  3. After viewing some of Carolyn RVL's sometimes irrational rants, verbal attacks on viewers making suggestions, etc. I think Carolyn should be asking her therapist for a refund.

  4. I was going to start a channel, but? man? I can see needing to make money on the road, but? why not just be honest and say, hey? I have a list of sponsors, if you see anything you may be interested in great! I'll make a commission it won't cost you anything. If you don't? great! I love sharing my life with you anyway. And, that's it. I don't like feeling 'conned" I get it, money is out there to be made.

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