Bobby Brown testifies in wrongful death lawsuit

A judge in Atlanta on Thursday ordered Bobbi Kristina Brown’s partner, Nick Gordon, to pay $36 million in a wrongful death case, her estate’s lawyers said.

Bobby Brown and his daughter, LaPrincia Brown, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s half-sister, were among the witnesses who testified at Thursday’s hearing.


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36 Replies to “Bobby Brown testifies in wrongful death lawsuit”

  1. This was so sad. The tragedy of it is surreal for us; Whitney's fans. Bobby's fans. Watching Bobby here, I can tell her was desensitizing so that he could get the fact out not the tabloid making up story and b.s. on him. Let the man speak!

  2. I don't know how offten he was in BK's life but it was rare I believe. I think its both I think nick had something to do wit it, but Bobby is also trying pin the blame for her death on anyone else, but him to ease his conscious because deep down he feels like he's the blame too…

  3. People blamed Bobby for alot of things that were not true. It took Michael her brother to finally come out and tell the truth. IF Bobby had not move on from Whitney he would have not been able to stay clean. Whitney was not ready to give up the drugs. You cannot blame him for wanting a life. He pretty much gave up his career willing, so Whitney could keep her career going and they could have a family.

  4. Most of you guys need to research this matter. The Houston' family had alot to do with why Bobby pushed away from her father. You see at the end she was coming back to him, and was moving closer to her dad just 2 days before she past away.

  5. Bobbie should have been in his daughters life more ,especially since she started showing signs of having problems with substance abuse. He should have been in her life cause he was her dad over all. Bobbi k. was so young when she died just like her mother. But i also know Bobby was off at a distance struggling with drug use on his own. *Still some one shoulda stepped up to help this poor lil girl who died too fast so young. Smh.

  6. I'm glad its not about money because clearly Nick doesnt have a pot or a window, this is sad on all accounts, Nick came to Whitney troubled and needed Professional help clearly and now he is just completely out of control. Bobbi Kristinas journey should of been so much better but the fact of the matter is she was raised by two parents who truly loved her and each other but they had addictions and that can affect a child dearly she hung on to this Nick character for dear life because she was missing something somewhere in her life. I pray that Bobby is ok and continues to take care of himself better

  7. its a no brainer…mother and daughter voth died exactly the same. only 1 person present at both incidents. now come on…put that son of a devil in jail and throw the key away. God bless the Houstons and the Browns.

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