A $50,000 QUARTER-TON TRUCK?!---2018 GMC Canyon Denali Diesel Review

The Canyon Denali Diesel is great at being a small truck with superior fuel economy, towing, and exterior looks! Unfortunately it doesn’t do enough to justify it’s Denali name & premium! The 2018 GMC Canyon Denali Diesel 4×4 is an amazing little truck! Only problem is the price and the quality of what you get for that price. It costs a whopping $48,900 (basically over $50,000 after taxes)! That’s a lot for a quarter ton truck! Especially considering it has the worst looking plastic “wood trim”, no push button start, no blind spot monitors, no storage in the front doors, no keyless entry, no sunroof, and no LED or Bi Xenon headlamps! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!
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