2019 Subaru Ascent vs. 2018 Honda Pilot: Faceoff Comparability

In this in-depth comparison, we’re putting the all-new 2019 Subaru Ascent Touring vs. the 2018 Honda Pilot Elite, its biggest rival. These two three-rows are fully LOADED trims, but most of the information will also apply to the lower trim levels. We will look at many categories like interior comfort and features, exterior features and design, third rows, interior ergonomics, technology (infotainment), rear seat comfort, tow ratings, safety ratings, powertrain info and much more.

So come join us as we sample these two automotive delicacies and see which one is the best value!

If you’d like to watch one of our very detailed Full Review videos on either the 2019 Ascent or Pilot, follow the links provided below:

2019 Subaru Ascent Limited Full Review:

2018 Honda Pilot Elite Full Review:

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30 Replies to “2019 Subaru Ascent vs. 2018 Honda Pilot: Faceoff Comparability”

  1. Thanks for watching! In a couple of the text boxes 'Highlander' accidentally appears. The specs (numbers) are CORRECT, we just forgot to change the label. We apologize for any confusion!

  2. This is why the Honda Pilot should be the facelift for the 2019 Model. I highly guarantee that there will be the new updated infotainment system (Accord-Odyssey type) with physical buttons and knobs, hands free liftgate, led headlights and taillights, wireless charging, electronic parking brake and brake hold button, maybe 360 birds eye view as the first Honda to have this, a newly updated driver dashboard plus a heads up display, and a HondaVac that the odyssey isn’t the only Honda to have this

  3. Subaru all day. Funny how you see so many Subaru in snow videos but very limited Honda's in snow. Honda AWD is terrible. I'd much rather be in any Subaru than a Honda in snow.

  4. Seriously, you gave a point to Honda for a 0.9 percent difference in range? 0.9 percent? I hope you don't ever have to see if the Pilot will actually go the additional 4 miles.

  5. Seems to me that the Subaru has alot to offer and in my opinion better looking.However their are 2 things that have me concerned.I've never heard anything good about a CVT from any automotive type who wants to enjoy driving.I also have severe reservations about the button shifter.It seems weird,looks awkward to me,and could be trouble for people that have limited range of motion.It's kind of a shame cause in my opinion the Subaru is a much better looking car.Also something that I wish folks would check is distance between floor and roof.When I do manage to get the wife something she her electric wheelchair can fit into I would like more options than a van.Although I wouldn't be to opposed to a AWD van I guess.I'm hoping we can manage to have some fun off the the beaten path before we get to old to actually enjoy it.

  6. I don't like the front seats in the Ascent. The driver's seat has a pull-out extension to make the seat longer in front, to give more leg support for people with longer thighs, I guess. To me it just feels gimmicky and sloppy. When it's open it leaves an open horizontal channel across the seat, and when it's closed it doesn't quite close all the way. No thanks.

    On the passenger side, the seat is not height adjustable and the seat is too high to allow easy entry. Easy entry and exit is one thing I especially appreciate about my Forester. I was hoping for the same from the Ascent.

    Oh, and it doesn't come in Jasmine Green. Strike three.

  7. At 6:31 in the video when yo look the side of the Subaru it has the same wheels as the rouge and almost the same body style as the rougeand when you just look at the whole entire image you can see that it looks like the rogue even the headlamps on the side please compare it and you will see what I mean

  8. Some may prefer the gas filler door to be on the right, like the Subaru. Since not many cars in the US have the right hand rear fuel filler door, and with busy gas stations, I find that I don't have to wait in line as much to get gas due to shorter gas hoses that cannot get around the car to the left opposite side. Because my 2018 Subaru Outback is right handed.

    Looking at your video of the interior the Subaru Accent shares a lot of the interior hardware with my Outback. This saves on the cost of manufacturing, thus can pass the lower cost savings on to the customer end user. This would account for the lower price of the Accent.

  9. Subaru has no match quality over other asian brands. Ugly but reliable, comfortable, best awd and largest in segment.. ascent will kill highlander and pilot sales for good.. cvt would be concern if pilot wouldnt have the crapiest 9 speed transmission to compare but as it has it, case closed…

  10. I've driven both of these vehicles recently and although the Pilot has higher torque and horsepower, the Ascent can access this power at 2,000 rpms, making the Ascent much quicker vs the Pilot not reaching power til much later on. That point should be taken from the Pilot and given where it deserves.

  11. I saw the Ascent in person and sat in it at the Boston Calling concert, it was an option before seeing it but there is a ton of chunky plastic to it and the one I saw was filthy inside just from people sitting in it for a day

  12. while I would rather have a v6 and an automatic in a car this size, you cant beat the AWD system of Subaru for winter climates and the piano black accents that Honda uses finger print and scratch like crazy, The Subaru gets my vote for analog gauges and they tend to better insulate against wind noise. I would take the Subaru

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