2019 Lamborghini Urus First Look – Automobiles.com

2019 Lamborghini Urus First Look – Cars.com

You know SUV’s are all the rage when a super car like Lamborghini has to have one.

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23 Comments to 2019 Lamborghini Urus First Look – Automobiles.com

  1. thegreatga says:

    The outside is looking excellent, the inside not so much.

  2. fantomtuba says:

    Thats the 6th different pronunciation I've heard for this.

  3. Natt K. says:

    US pronunciation vs. EU pronunciation. I don't really know what's right.

  4. Kares Pratt says:

    How come U.S spec Urus only gets 4 driving modes when Euro spec gets 6? We don’t get sabbia or terre for the modes

  5. Blake Swan says:

    Audi Q7 with a body kit. Sad

  6. PJ Wolf says:

    That's a wagon not an SUV. Ugly wagon with over price tag.

  7. meow rage says:

    Look like a Porsche suv with Lamborghini badge

  8. The interior looks very depressing. The exterior is just ugly, in my opinion.

  9. looks like a soccer mom car .. and what is so special about this this suv ?? its ugly ugly ugly

  10. Craig D says:

    You’re pronunciation of the name of this vehicle is rather off-putting.

  11. djisar says:

    I'd rather have a Jeep Trackhawk honestly


  13. Manish Kumar says:

    That handlebar looks from stone age….

  14. The way this guy is moving his hands/arms leads me to believe that he'll do much better at being a janitor (mopping floors).

  15. Did they tell him, ok go out there and butcher that name as much as possible?

  16. Kevin Smith says:

    With all that black, red, and LEDs; is the center console water-cooled?

  17. Mike Larson says:

    I can see this guy being a great conductor with those hand motions.

  18. He is too spastic for me with that choppy delivery and the ooorooos is ugly.

  19. Penis says:

    kelsey fxck the haters you're the best reviewer on the tube.

  20. Isaac Kamau says:

    Range Rover Evoque, Mazda CX-5, Kia Sportage … All combined to make this overpriced box. Only thing they did different was add a v8 engine on it to make it roar. It also has the worst rear visibility of all those cars & worst gas mileage. Yes it expensive because the brand name ‘Lamborghini …Yada yada yada’…🤪

  21. Rozay Mills says:

    Looks like a overpriced Porsche cayenne

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