2018 Polaris XCR Switchback 800 snow check select walk around.

2018 Polaris XCR Switchback 800 Snow Check Select walk around. I forgot to mention on 2018 800 you no longer have to mix gas and oil on your first tank as Polaris now made the engine computer do it all and decide precisely how much to run oil rich during break in time. My dealer even called Polaris to double check. Two other things I forgot to mention in the video is that the 137 inch track is becoming the new industry standard over the 129 inch track for trail riding and unlike other brands of 137 inch tracks that might feel longer in length the Polaris Switchback XCR doesn’t feel longer on the trails because of the suspension positions and how well balanced it is making it corner on rails. Most of my riding is on trails so that’s why the 137 inch track is perfect for me as the 144 inch track on the Polaris Assault is more like 60% off trail and 40% on trail and this is more like 60% trail and 40% off trail. Take your average 129 inch track and it’s more so for 70% trail riding and only 30% capable in deeper snows. However a 137 inch track will not fit in a 10 foot trailer. Fits in 11ft and up. The second thing is Polaris takes great care of the snow check customers that Spring order their sleds and Polaris has many snow check exclusive coupons in the fall for the people that spring ordered their snowmobile.


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