2018 Crossover Shootout: Ski-Doo VS Polaris

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It’s time to see who can deliver the best of both worlds in terms of on and off-trail experience as we host a Crossover Shootout involving the 2018 Ski-Doo Renegade Backcountry X 850 E-TEC against the 2018 Polaris Switchback Assault 800. Which sled will come out on top in this eight categorical battle involving on and off trail riding and handling, power, ergonomics, features and fit & finish.

For more information and pricing on the 2018 Ski-Doo Renegade Backcountry X 850 E-TEC, click here:


Additional details and pricing on the 2018 Polaris Switchback Assault 800:


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31 Replies to “2018 Crossover Shootout: Ski-Doo VS Polaris”

  1. Basically what I got from this is the sleds are the same. There was so many occasions where he said "they both are equal but this one is a little bit more", so ya basically it comes down to what brand you like better.

  2. I have a '17 Switch SP (Assault minus Walkers), cannot overstate how much of an improvement SLP Powder Pros are over the Pro Steers in any sort of loose snow, its like adding snow tires in place of your factory touring tires.

  3. polaris and ski-doo competition is exciting, always one upping each other every year. Polaris got ski doo with the 800 and 600 axys on trail, then ski doo fired back with the 850 and 600r cant wait to see what polaris does for 2019

  4. Having tested both of these sleds the Polaris is hands down better on trail. Way better front end feel, the shocks on the doo are junk not to mention the front end on their new sleds is god awful ugly, but that's just my opinion.

  5. seams to me that Polaris won two categories simply because of the sweet Walker Evans shock package. it won "off trail ride" category because of adjustability as well as the "feature" category. this shootout would be some hard to judge if the 850 had a decent set of shocks.

  6. I have an SBA. Now i am addicted to off trail, from here i would probably buy a 146” SKS. I used to do 70/30 trail/powder, now its like 30/70. SKS 146 is way easier to ride off trail but nowhere near as good on trail.

  7. Very insightful. I ride a Ski Doo Backcountry which is the 2015 because I prefer the track. Very insightful and I'm glad that Ski Doo is bringing back the more aggressive track for the Backcountry.

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