Motorcycle Insurance – It’s Pants!

Motorcycle Insurance – It’s Pants! Hands up all those who love getting an insurance quote for their motorcycle?? MMmm, not many….in this VLOG I discuss my experiences with motorcycle insurance, in particular multi-bike insurance, and why I think it’s all a bit pants….do you agree?

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I use the following equipment to record and edit my VLOGs:-
GoPro HD Hero 4 helmet camera
GoPro Session (4) “B” Camera
Nikon D7100 DSLR for static and video shots with various lenses
Lavalier microphone and sellotape for in helmet audio
Power Director 8 for the PC (for video editing)
Radio mic for in garage audio

My current motorcyles are:-
Honda CRF250L
Triumph Street Triple R
Ducati 899 Panigale

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The Chevrolet Silverado with 1 Million Clicks | Chevrolet Canada

The Chevrolet Silverado with 1 Million Clicks | Chevrolet Canada

Jerry and Synthia Trembley celebrated a million kilometres on their dependable 1997 Chevrolet Silverado by lending a helping hand in their hometown of Wallaceburg, Ontario. For the past 20 years, Jerry and Synthia have relied on their Silverado to be as strong and dependable as they are. Watch their story here.

To learn more about the Chevrolet Silverado, please visit:



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How Long Will My Personal Injury Case Take? DC Personal Injury Attorney

Following a personal injury, you may be wondering how long it will take to get the compensation you deserve from your car accident or from medical malpractice. Each case is different, and there’s no set amount of time that we can tell you.

David Benowitz explains why the time can change depending on the client and why it’s important to wait before moving forward.

If you’re the victim of a personal injury, don’t hesitate to contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at the Price Benowitz website or call us at (202) 600-9400.

Price Benowitz LLP
409 7th St NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 600-9400

DC Personal Injury Attorneys

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*Please note that laws change. This information is accurate as of the date this video was published. To find out how your prospective case applies to current Washington D.C. law give us a call today.

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huge problem with car insurance in Ireland

Quick video that shows how they rip us off on car insurance policies these days.. Something has to be done here to stop it.. Any thoughts??


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No Fault Insurance Benefits for Car Accident Victims: From the Attorneys of Michigan Auto Law

Many people don’t realize that following a serious injury from a car accident in Michigan, they are entitled to medical care and several other benefits through their No-Fault auto insurance. In this video, attorney Larry Gursten, partner of Michigan Auto Law, explains all five No-Fault benefits that are available for accident victims. He also covers the application process and time limits for filing forms and an auto accident lawsuit.
Here’s some of what Larry has to say: “I’m going to try to explain to you the No Fault law in your action against the insurance company for your benefits, and I’m going to give you knowledge and understanding to help you in collecting these benefits.
The first No Fault benefit is medical bills, and I know that is a concern because everybody wants to get their doctor bills paid, their hospital bills paid. Fortunately in Michigan, this is an excellent coverage. If you have medical insurance first in your household, you have to go to that medical insurance and if they pay if it’s an automobile accident, because that you’ll also have to check on, then the medical insurance will be first. If you do not have medical insurance in the household or they say to you, We don’t pay if it’s an automobile accident, that is not a problem because then your auto insurance or the auto insurance of a relative in your household is going to pay all of your medical bills for life.
The next benefit is lost wages and this is also a great benefit. You are entitled to 85 percent of your gross lost wages, tax-free every month you are disabled for up to three years. That is a wonderful benefit. So remember, it’s tax free. It’s just a form from your employer that filled it out. If you have overtime, please put in your overtime. And you’re entitled to collect overtime not even the date of the accident, but while you were disabled if you would get a raise, you are entitled to also have that raise included in your lost wages.
The third benefit is called replacement services. Sadly, when this law was passed in 1973, that benefit was $20 a day for people doing the work that you can no longer do: housework, shoveling the snow, cutting the lawn. That has never gone up by the cost of living. So there’s another form for your doctor to fill out stating you’re in need of replacement services and then there is also a form for the people doing the work to fill out. They could be a husband, wife, family, friends, whoever is doing that, and they are entitled to be paid at $20 a day.
Your fourth No-Fault benefit is called medical mileage and you are entitled mileage every time you go to a doctor or hospital. So please, track your mileage. There are mileage forms – the insurance companies have them, Michigan Auto Law has them – you fill them out and you’re entitled to mileage.
The fifth benefit is for when you are so seriously hurt that somebody has to help you with the functions of daily living: dressing, eating, going to the bathroom, etc. This is called attendant care. And if you have that or you have a closed-head injury that is serious enough that you need help – somebody near you to help supervise at night, somebody has to be there in case you cannot get out of the house in an emergency – that is called attendant care and that is paid on an hourly basis. That is an extremely important coverage, because sadly, where people are seriously hurt, you are entitled to collect 24 hours a day, seven days a week if that’s what the doctor says, and that goes on indefinitely.
So lost wages are three years, replacement services are three years, but the attendant care can be for life or as long as you need it. It is complex, it is sophisticated, but it is a great benefit for you.
What can you do if you’ve been in a car accident and you’re wondering what your No-Fault rights and benefits are? You can call the attorneys of Michigan Auto Law at (800) 777-0028. Please understand that every factor can change an answer and it is extremely important that you call an attorney to about these benefits because this is a technical, complex law. There is no charge, no obligation.
Michigan Auto Law has exclusively handled auto accident personal injury cases for more than 50 years. Our personal injury attorneys have helped thousands of people get the all of the No-Fault benefits and compensation they’re entitled to following serious crashes, because this is all we do. We can help you, or your loved ones, too. We have 18 attorneys that handle cases throughout the entire state of Michigan, with law offices in Farmington Hills, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Sterling Heights and Grand Rapids to better serve you. For more information on Michigan no fault benefits visit


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One bedroom apartment in San Francisco $4000 a month. And the new TECH culture

One bedroom apartment in San Francisco $4000 a month. And the new tech culture
In this video I explain why it cost $4000 for the average one bedroom apartment in some neighborhoods in San Francisco. I also explain how Google and Apple and other tech companies. begin hiring lots of employees roughly 5 years ago. Creating a huge demand for housing in the city. 10 years ago San Francisco was a grimy cold grimy city. A city that was extremely difficult to get around and sketchy in a lot of areas. Today San Francisco is definitely the place to be. There is a tech boom going there’s a real estate boom going you can even find a parking spot in most neighborhoods. Today rents San Francisco rival cities like New York London in Tokyo.
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Life Insurance 101

Learn the basics of life insurance and how important it is for protecting your loved ones.

For more information about life insurance visit


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