Cheap Michigan Auto Insurance Quote – Where to Get It

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Getting Max Results For Chicago Personal Injury Cases – Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers – Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers

When dealing with a personal injury case, the lawyer representing the individual really has to have some appreciation of the medicine involved in the patient’s injury. When dealing with a significant injury case, developing a relationship with the doctor only proves to serve the client well.

When someone is injured, it is always very important to earn the favor of the doctor; this can make or break the case. When dealing with an Chicago personal injury case, you really want that doctor to be an advocate for you. While this is not the end all be all of a case, but certainly when they see that you are genuinely invested in a case, the doctor may be willing to go a bit further with the case than if he or she would have seen no investment on the clients part.

Communicating with the legal staff is a win-win for the client. An established Chicago personal injury lawyer has a legal responsibility to the justice system first and secondly to their clients. Their job is to provide the best services to ensure a client wins a case. Since all personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis, winning is also very important for compensation. Whether dealing with criminal or civil cases, lawyers depend on medical expertise to help them win their case.

Lawyers need three things to help them in a personal injury case. They need doctor’s reports, evidence for trials at court and medical consultations about their clients. Whenever a client calls an attorney’s office about a personal injury, the lawyer will need to get a medical opinion to back up the clients claims. This opinion may be a regular MD or a specific trained surgeon like a plastic surgeon or orthopedic. The surgeon select would be dependent upon the type of injury the client is dealing with.

To put this into terms that most can understand, if a person was in an auto accident and spent half a year in the hospital and had not been to work, the medical history would be imperative. Over the course of those six months, there have probably been numerous tests and many, many physical examinations. The medical information that has been gathered on that patient would become valuable evidence for court. In fact, this evidence could be the ticket to winning the case. The treating physician would hold the information needed to win the case.

In the aforementioned example, the lawyer would meet with the doctor. They would discuss the original injuries and how the auto accident impacted the patient’s life. Because a personal injury claim includes many elements, the loss of work, possibly the loss of a job, the inability to perform at a regular level, these are all aspects that will be brought to the courts attention and used to help win the case. Most doctors are willing to work with a lawyer and to testify on behalf of the case. Since they have worked with a client and seen their suffering first hand, it makes them a very valuable witness in the case.

It may also be necessary for a personal injury lawyer to get a second opinion regarding the medical aspects of the situation. A second opinion is often used in hospitals to ensure that another doctor is going down the right path regarding medical treatment. The court also likes to hear a second opinion; it verifies the treating doctors’ diagnosis and gives an air of certainty to the case. While talking to the treating physician won’t win the entire case, it certainly can make a big impact on it. Regardless of what type of injury or claim a person files, it is always best to ensure that the medical team and the lawyers work hand in hand to win.

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Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers
33 N. Dearborn St. #1930
Chicago, IL 60602

Phone: (847) 835-8895
Toll Free: (888) 424-5757


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For your convenience, we have also listed the official Department of Financial Services in New York for anyone seeking further information about rules and requirements pertaining to Motor Vehicles and Auto Insurance in New York.
New York State Department of Financial Services
One State Street
New York, NY 10004-1511

Telephone: (212) 480-6400


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BMW i3

Pada video ini, kami juga test BMW 330e, BMW 530e, BMW 630 Gran Turismo yang dilakukan di Singapura.

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non injury car accident lawyer

non injury car accident lawyer
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Motor Car Insurance Quotes Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE

Whether you’re looking for motor insurance in Dubai for the first time or you want to beat your car insurance renewal quote in Abu Dhabi, our insurance comparison service can help you find the right cover by comparing policies and prices from the leading UAE insurance providers. By completing 1 simple form, you can receive all the quotes direct to your email inbox, clearly displaying cost & benefits.


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2016 Freeman Injury Law Commercial Spot

Freeman Injury Law Commercial
Actor: Marcus Majors

Get To Know Marcus Majors


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