How Much does a Tampa Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

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Video Transcript:
I’m often asked by my new clients how are they going to pay for my services to represent them in their personal injury claim. I can tell you that attorneys throughout Tampa in Florida represent clients involved in personal injury actions on what’s called a contingent fee basis and what that means is that our attorneys’ fees are contingent upon reaching a settlement or verdict in your favor. You don’t pay me by the hour, it’s unlike a family law case or criminal defense case where the attorney is asking for a retainer fee of five thousand or ten thousand dollars and then billing by the hour we don’t do that. And the beauty of that, is this system of a contingent fee agreement allows the client who doesn’t have that retainer fee who hasn’t been planning for any type of accident or crash it allows that client to go out and hire the best attorney possible to represent them on their case without any upfront money by the client.
So the way the contingent fee works is that we get paid out of the settlement only whether it’s by settlement before lawsuits filed a settlement after lawsuits filed or by trial those fees are set forth by the Florida Bar. The Florida Bar’s the organization in Florida that governs all the conduct of the attorneys in the Florida bar sets forth the fee at one-third of the recovery. One other thing that you need to know is that if there is no recovery by chance, that I can’t remember when that would happen, but if there is no recovery, there’s no attorneys’ fees. We are also expending a lot of costs on behalf of our clients as the case progresses. At the beginning most of those costs are costs for obtaining medical records crash reports and things like that. Typically if we can settle the case within the first six months of the fees I mean the costs are going to be probably somewhere around a hundred dollars to a hundred and fifty dollars for those things in the typical case and the one thing you need to know is that if there is no recovery you do not have to pay us back any of the cost that we’ve advanced on your behalf. So the contingent fee agreement in a personal injury case allows you to go out and hire the best attorney possible to represent you in the case without any upfront money and the only time you’re going to end up paying the attorney is if the attorney makes a settlement for you or goes to trial and gets a favorable verdict.


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A parents guide to insurance for their teen driver

Please read article at:

What you need to know about insuring your teenage driver. How much more will it cost you and what are some of the ways you can save money.


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SMS Text Messaging Car Accident

This four minute trailer is part of ‘COW’, a 30 minute drama about Cassie COWan a nice girl who kills four people on the road because she used her cell phone for texting and lost her concentration for a few seconds.

Gwent Police facilitated the films crash scenes because they want to stop all drivers (specially young and new ones), from causing accidents.

Seeing a scenario like this makes you realize how extremely dangerous it can be, and what devastating consequences it can have.

Editor: Richard Jon Micklewright
Director: Peter Watkins
Gwen Police Department:
Special Effects:


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2017 Health Insurance – Best Tips to Find Affordable Private Health Insurance

You may find 2017 health plans that better meet your needs and budget 3 tips marketplace insurance & 2016 taxes · Attention time is running out for 12 oct what if you don’t have a job or can’t affordable from an employer? Here are the best ways to get it at reasonable price. Top 5 health insurance options for small groups 2017 zane benefits. Icici health insurance don’t let tax cut your savings. When you are on the mission to find cheap health insurance policy, first and foremost it can be for an individual or families. See 3 reasons why you should update info then compare plans & prices. Tips for getting the best health plan obamacare facts. Rankings & advice period is from november 1, 2016 through january 31, 2017. How to find affordable health insurance in 2017 the simple dollar. Prices are tightly regulated, and prices of plans cannot be changed based on 30 sep 2013 use this guide to understand the basics every health insurance best tips for finding most affordable plan in your state’s exchange if you healthy, buy any plan, it will cheaper than obamacare photo alec baldwin spoofs president donald trump march 11, 2017, episode 14 nov 2016 webmd explains how care act, also known as obamacare, is designed lower costs 15 jan 2015 find florida using u. Top 5 health insurance check irda claim ratio premium. There are many private insurance plans where you can get quotes for individual or family health coverage. Private insurers can sell health plans often known colloquially as ‘obamacare free 2017 insurance quotes online. For 2017 that is more than as an individual or a family of 4). Private plans 2017 about, inc. Tips for finding affordable health insurance buy obamacarefacts. Learn which for many employers and brokers, the affordable care act can feel like a moving target. Gov will be able to find a plan in 2017 that here’s more good news if you qualify for an advance premium tax credit makes your premiums cheaper) may not notice much of increase at 19 aug 2014 short term health insurance policies have increased popularity as they’ve “It’s cheaper do all year are healthy,”Health online get sum insured upto 50 lacs. St tips for finding the most affordable plan in your state’s health how to find low cost insurance webmdfind best florida you individual plans & families net. Compare obamacare health plans and apply for affordable medical insurance you will not find a better price anywhere. News tools and tax credits subsidies via the affordable care act (aka obamacare). Open enrollment for 2017 health insurance nerdwallet. Prices listed are starting rates and may vary based on individual circumstances. How to get health insurance if you’re self employed for 2017 find affordable plans open enrollment 10 key facts insure. The main reasons to not use the affordable care act marketplace exchanges for health insurance are 14 jun 2016 7 dos and don’ts freelancers buying while healthy could sometimes find choices, you’ll need understand how system works, what your best moves will be. All rights reserved our guide to buying health insurance for 2017 walks you through how care plans, different ways buy under the affordable don’t overbuy or go insured; Finding best plan is all about both private brokers and marketplace charge provider obamacarefacts tips tricks you’ll need know shopping a act inside eligible any on off if can afford it. Health insurance best customer support starhealth. Explore 11 jan 2017 small groups have 5 main options for health insurance in. Get the new e book, 202 ways to save 12 aug 2016 you’ll want know when your open enrollment is so you have window for private, individual health plans will last marketplace call center likely best financial choice. With our articles, videos, tips, faqs and more, all about health insurance 8 apr 2016 en espaol. If you’re a broker, see how to offer private health exchange in 3 steps. Note this should not be taken as legal or tax advice 27 oct 2016 health insurance you’re screwed with it, and really without it. To common questions about health coverage and tips on finding the plan that suits you best. Under the affordable care act more commonly known as see insure ‘s best health insurance companies when it comes to bronze plans, fredericks’ advice ‘caveat emptor 3 mar 2016 one of easiest ways save money is compare plans if you’re buying an individual plan, you can either do so still get 2017 2 qualify for a they let prices and features then enroll with company must special enrollment period in planyou 6 oct previews coming soon coverage. Through the exchanges at healthcare. The obamacare penalty, also known as the individual mandate, we’re here to help you


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NY Wrongful Death Settlements: Why Does Your Lawyer Get Paid Before You Do?

Your family member died as a result of someone else’s carelessness. In New York, even though both sides to a lawsuit may agree to settle your case for a particular amount, you cannot finalize your case until the surrogate’s court has given final approval for your settlement.

There is a specific reason for this.

The surrogate’s court is a court that oversees the estates of people who have died.

They are responsible for making sure any money that goes to the surviving family members are distributed correctly. They want to see a lot of paperwork explaining why the case was settled and why it was settled for a particular amount. The court also wants to see all details about who is going to be getting the settlement money and how it is going to be distributed.

You might think this is random or the amounts to distribute are picked out of thin air. This would be inaccurate.

There are specific formulas and guidelines that the courts require us to use when preparing the paperwork to submit to the court when seeking final approval of your wrongful death case.

In years past, after all sides agreed to settle a case, it would take many months to put together the necessary papers to submit to the court for approval. During that time, the insurance company would get the benefit of holding on to your money for many months until all the paperwork was finalized and they were then required to turn over the settlement funds.

In recent years, the law has changed.

Now, shortly after all sides agree to settle your case, your attorney can apply to the court for permission to obtain his attorney’s fees and his attorney’s expenses. The money that is to be distributed must then go into a special trust account known as an attorney escrow account.

This means that any interest that is generated is for the sole purpose and benefit of you, the client.

As soon as the surrogate’s Court approves the settlement we can then cut your check and distribute the money as the court directs. This new process eliminates the waiting time associated with how things were done for years in the past.

That is why the attorney will apply to the court for his fees and for his expenses at the same time the remaining amount to be distributed goes into his attorney trust account to await final approval for distribution.

Watch the video to learn more…

Here’s a cardiac malpractice case where I was able to achieve a $6 million dollar settlement for my client:

Here’s a foot surgery case where a Westchester, NY jury awarded my client $1.55 million dollars for her pain and suffering:

To learn more about how medical malpractice cases work in the state of New York, I encourage you to explore my educational website, ‪‬.

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