2017 Ski Doo 600 RS COLD START!

2017 Ski Doo 600 RS COLD START!

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Matt wanted to rip my new 2017 Ski Doo RS 600! Were suppose to get a ton more powder but it doesn’t look like its coming! Sled still sounds sick though!

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20 Comments to 2017 Ski Doo 600 RS COLD START!

  1. Paul Yarek says:

    Elfantastico! Where are you located?

  2. Warren262 says:

    'Built like a brick shithouse' lol

  3. adsc2006 says:

    Grip it and rip it!

  4. Jacob Taylor says:

    Hey mark I loved your video today

  5. Smit1791 says:

    Guessing she's not trail legal?

  6. make a snowboard jump in the field, then get pulled by the sled

  7. jackskon02 says:

    that thing is a beast

  8. Jason S says:

    Can you ride your sled on trails ?

  9. HondaMoto80 says:

    Great video Mark I’ve been watching you for awhile loved the video dude keep it up 😂💪🤟🤙

  10. dylan morton says:

    I could use a poster for the shop wall
    trail convert that thing

  11. Doug S says:

    I’m not a snow mobile guy but wow that thing is fucking sweeeeet haha. It’s so loud

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