2017 Polaris Sportsman 1000XP Rebuild

The long awaited rebuild of “BC” finally has taken place!

Not a long video…I am just taking her for a test ride to see what kinks need to be worked out…….trust me there are a few that are high on my not so happy list…………….it is what it is though!

I waited until her warranty finally ran out, which I am glad I did, as I managed to break a few things here and there along the way ๐Ÿ™‚

For the rebuild I went with CST Sludge Hammers, MSA M12 Wheels, Wild Boar Rad Kit, and Warrior Snorkels from Snorkel Your ATV. The options are limited out there for the 2017 Sportsman 1k…so it will have to be what it is for now! I am sure over time you will see some of these parts being swapped out for stronger, more adapted, and reliable components…

A big thanks to the guys at Sinister Quad Shop, ATV Tire Rack, and AULTimate OUTDOORS!


CST Sludge Hammer
Wild Boar Rad Kit
Snorkel Your ATV – Warrior Snorkel Kit


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