2015-2016 F-150 Raptor Retrofit OEM LED Headlight Install

It’s not easy to get an even better look out of the 2015 F150’s upgraded LED headlamps. That is, unless, you have base model halogen headlights and want to add a little more exciting look from our friends at Raptor Retrofit. While there aren’t any super-drastic changes made to the headlights, unlike some of Raptor Retrofit’s other builds, they do offer these 2015 F150 OEM LED headlights with options for either a blacked-out housing or an OEM color-matched housing that can help your 2015 F150 stand out from the rest of the herd and help get rid of any leftover chrome that can really cramps an aggressive 2015 F150 build’s style. The LED lenses can alo be backlit in an aggressive red or blue color to up the custom look of your tough 2015 F150. The back lighting is activated by an in-cab switch, so you can turn them off when running around on the street. Last, but not least, the factory LED outline can be replaced by an LED switchback system that features a white running light that switches to an amber turn signal when you hit your blinker. These headlights are brand-new and come with everything you need to get them up and running on your F150, whether you already have LED headlights or baseline halogens.


Music: Kontinuum – First Rain


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