2003 Dodge Ram Van

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If you are considering this or another type of vehicle and even if for future purchase or different brand all together.

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Price formula to get total out the door:

As you go to dealership, you get detail info like below.

Selling price + Document fees + your state tax +title and license fees = equals either out the door amount or financed amount without considering down payment.

Consider interest for financing as a total amount vs trying to calculate for the per year interest. For example total interest to be paid is $500 to $2,500 or more. And add that to the out the door amount and divide it by 60 or 72 months for either a 5 years or 6 years loan.

If you do the above you just discovered estimated payment per month on your potential new vehicle.

Vehicle is available as of 12/24/2017. Click below to see vehicle if outside the US and some information about features.
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