20 Breathtaking Pictures Of Abandoned Trucks

There’s something so alluring and beautiful about abandoned things. There are some incredible places in the world where the entire infrastructure has been left to age with the relentless passing of time, where buildings are overgrown with plants but you can still find relics from an era forgotten. Furniture, pictures, appliances, knickknacks, cars—these all can be found in the empty shells of buildings and in overgrown streets.

There’s quite the crowd of people who are intensely passionate about abandoned things. One of the most interesting abandoned items is cars. There’s something about the reaction they inspire in us because they used to carry people around. They used to be practical, functional, and mobile, but now, they’re half buried in the ground with plants all around, only the frame of the car left. There are also abandoned trucks. They’re always captivating to find, often used on farmlands and in forests and left behind to be forgotten. But they’re impressive nonetheless. Time is ceaseless, and being reminded of that through abandoned things, such as cars and trucks, is something a lot of us crave to help us remember that all is passing and to keep us focused on what’s important. Maybe that’s why abandoned cars and trucks have such an appeal to us as people. It’s sad, melancholy, and above all, beautiful. With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at 20 breathtaking pictures of abandoned trucks.


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