1947 Chevrolet 1 1/2 Ton Pickup

One of the best parts of owning a well documented classic is all of the unique history that comes with it. This classic truck has been in the current owners family since 1949, that’s over 65 years! The truck was originally owned by the Falstaff Brewing Company and was used as a beer delivery truck for the first few years of its life. It was then purchased by the current owners grandfather in Wichita Falls, TX in 1949 from the brewing company. He turned it into a farm truck and used it to haul grain. He constructed the steel bed and side boards that you still see on the back today. With his customization the truck could hold 160 bushels of wheat and was his reliable farm truck until he passed away in 1974. The truck was then passed down to the current owners aunt who continued to use it on her farm for a few years until storing it in her barn in 1978. The truck sat stowed away in doors for the next 27 years until 2005 when the current owner (the grandson) took possession of it to return it to its former glory. He then invested 3 years and over $30,000 not including labor to get the truck back into its current condition. It was ready to get back on the road on October 17th, 2008 and since has been extremely well cared for. It has only been driven 200 miles since. The truck is entirely rust free and was restored with original body panels and drivetrain components. To this day 4 generations in a single family have used this pickup to haul wheat, hay and barley on farms. It continues to be just as reliable as it was for his grandfather back in 1949.

The exterior of the truck is in good shape and is coated in a nice Red and Black color combination. The rear wood side panels are all in solid condition and are coated Red to match the body. It is an amazing feature to say that these are the same panels installed so long ago. You rarely see these types of trucks and when you do they are typically not nearly in this type of condition or have this type of story. Whether you continue to use it as a farm truck or strictly parades/car shows it will never let you down.

Powering the truck is a 216 straight 6 cylinder motor that was professionally rebuilt by Jasper engines. The truck starts up and run extremely well. It has plenty of power and probably runs better now then it did new. During the rebuild the truck was taken down to bare metal and all of the suspension, brakes, etc were completely rebuilt. Backing up the motor is a 4 speed manual transmission with granny gear that transfers power back to the 2 speed rear end. Those of you not familiar with a granny gear this is also referred to as a creeper gear and is a low ratio first gear which is ideal for climbing hills, getting out of the mud, getting heavy loads moving, etc.

The interior of the pickup is done in the same Red/Black combo as the exterior. The interior of the body is Red with a Black dash and Black bench seat. All of the original style trim, knobs, switches, and gauges are in place and in good working condition.

Look around and you will have a tough time finding one of these trucks for sale and when you do it won’t be in nearly this good of condition.

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