107. A Tour Inside Our Canal Narrowboat Home. Tiny Off-Grid Houseboat!

Join us for a tour inside our canal narrowboat home. Come in and we’ll show you around our tiny off-grid houseboat, living and working full-time as liveaboards on our 57-foot narrowboat.

We’ll give you a guided tour of narrowboat Silver Fox showing you every detail of the boat, what it’s like to live on the canal, and how we manage to live together in such a confined space.

Catch-up on every vlog, from the beginning, in order, as we explore Britain by Narrowboat:

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‘Lazy’ by Timothy Infinite.
‘The Shame Is On You’ by The Devil’s Sway.
‘Home In The Hills’ by Isobel O’Conner.
‘Round Trip’ by The Chalalatas.

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